Jessica Louise Bell

A highly motivated and hardworking undergraduate student, currently studying Photography at Coventry University. Working hard and rising to any challenge, giving the very best, no matter how difficult the task. Willing to try new things, not afraid to be pushed hard to learn new skills while always trying to improve knowledge and abilities. Driven by ambition to succeed, while maintaining core values throughout: respect, loyalty, teamwork, excellence and hard work. Continually seeking future opportunities to be pushed to the highest level and build on knowledge and understanding of the work environment.

Passionate about the creative industry, especially in the photographic field; with a large portfolio of work, ranging from commercial work to personal travel, as well as academic work both in the blog and the gallery. Seeking a future career in the editorial and publishing industry, continuing to demonstrate a huge creative flare and skill, while also working with a diverse group of people throughout professional and personal life.

This blog showcases work during three years studying Photography BA at Coventry University. The posts include processes and development through a range of projects that targets different themes and ideas. Research is combined with personal thoughts and ideas to form a different body of work, each which has received positive feedback.


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