PicBod- Exhibition Presentation Research and Ideas

After I had decided on my final images for my body of work, I could then begin to think about how I could lay out my work as a whole in an exhibition space; my work combines text and imagery and so my presentation of both would need to be considered. My previous research into combining text and imagery really helped me to think of different ways in a which I could approach my final piece; there was wide range of different ways that I could take, however I felt that for my own body of work both the text and images are strong enough to stand on their own and can be seen as equals, therefore I would present them both in a separate way that was appropriate to them.

Before deciding on my final layout and presentation for my work, I decided to look into different examples of exhibitions and how they lay out different bodies of work within a space.

I looked at the Gallery, Arndt in Berlin, and the different ways they have exhibited the work of Sophie Calle, a conceptual artist who has combined photography, combining text, image and conceptual installations.

“Her work amounts to a systematic laying bare of reality, whether it be her own or other people’s, with a limited portion left to chance. Absence of others is a central theme in her work. However Calle’s own existence plays an important role in her works. The documentary manner in which she presents her work suggests a high degree of factualness.”

I found it interesting looking through the gallery’s website and seeing the different ways Calle’s work has been displayed, especially when her work contains both imagery and text.


Sophie Calle “The True Stories”, installation view at Arndt & Partner, Berlin), 2004


Sophie Calle “The Gotham Handbook”, installation view at Arndt & Partner, Berlin, 2002


Sophie Calle „The Detachment – Die Entfernung“, exhibition view at Arndt & Partner (1996)

All of the examples above show a different way Calle has presented her work when combing imagery and text, she sometimes contains both the text and image in one frame whereas for others they are completely separate. In my own work I feel that having the text and imagery separate and not in the ‘same frame’ would allow them to stand alone as pieces of art as well as coming together to form a larger linking body of work.

When thinking about different exhibition layouts and set ups, I thought about an exhibition I visited before Christmas, World Press Photo of the Year 2014 Exhibition; the exhibition showcased a range of work from different photographers. What made the exhibition different from normal photographic exhibitions was the integration and use of technology; the exhibition had an app that you could download and whilst walking around the exhibition, the app gave more details on the work and allowed you to interact with the exhibition in a technological way. The interactive quality made the exhibition stand out as something a bit different, it also can be seen to make the exhibition engaging and exciting for viewers. In my own final piece I could consider making my exhibitionready work interactive somehow. I will think about this idea further while planning my final presentation.


When thinking about my presentation method for my work in an exhibition space, I thought back to an exhibition I reviewed last year, the Black Diamond Exhibition by Mishka Hennerwhich showcased a range of Henners work looking at themes related to ownership and also political themes. When walking through the exhibition, I was struck by the range of different types of presentation styles; some of these styles used included framed prints, poster and papers pinned on the wall, plinths with imagery on and tables with an array of different work. All these different methods were used in one exhibition, yet they worked together and complimented the different works, showing how different elements can be combined in one exhibition and still link as a whole body of work.

galleryy-13 (1)

In my own work I feel that a combination of different presentation methods would work well, especially as I am combining text and imagery. I want both types of work to stand alone and also to link and compliment each other, this is why I feel that different presentation styles would work as they would be separated visually but the themes would link them together.

After looking into a few examples of different exhibitions and their presentations of work, I can now begin to think about my own presentation style; as I said previously, I want to have my text and imagery presented differently so that they stand on their own as bodies of work while also linking in themes and ideas. I also need to think about how I will present the text, as I have had a lot of conversations with people and so will need to find a suitable way to show this while also linking to my themes around the online world and online chatrooms.


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