Digital Media- Research Reflection

Throughout this term I have looked at a range of different work and ideas that could influence my thinking process for my website design and also my artefacts. I looked into photographic work but also into other artists work, different research material and I was also influenced by the lecture material.

When it came to designing my own website, I looked at a range of different photographers sites to influence my design; there are so many different designs of photography websites that I wanted to try to be as original as I could. I found when researching that many photographers used a ‘side scrolling’ bar of images on their website to show a portfolio of work; even though this was a nice feature I felt it was very boring as many photographers already had it; I wanted to be different and not follow the crowd and so I decided to have a range of image in a block that used the ‘rollover image’ feature to add interest to my page.

I spent a lot of time researching different ideas and themes for my artefacts; for my ‘work’ theme I was interested in the idea of tracking our lives and daily routines. I researched into different areas around these themes to help me develop my ideas further. I also looked at existing work from photographers to also influence my own work; the photographer I was most interested in for this theme was Travis Hodges ‘The Quantified Self’ in which Hodges looked at a range of subjects who track and quantify their daily routines and activities through the use of apps. This really influenced my work and made me consider the ideas around different apps and how the art of tracking our daily routine has become part of our daily routines in itself.

When looking into influences for my ‘rest’ body of work, I was majorly influenced by Todd Hido’s work, ‘Homes at NIght’ in which Hido photographs different homes at night focusing on and using the internal lights of the homes as the primary light source. Hido’s work linked well with my own as I wanted to focus on the lights of technological devices in homes at night, to represent the idea of the ‘always on’ technological world, while also echoing the fact that the brain never switches off.

When it came to the theme of ‘play’ I would not say I had one major influence like the two themes above, instead I was interested at looking at a range of work that related to the ideas of immersive environments in relation to the clubbing scene; looking at photographers who looked at the ideas around clubbing such as the ‘morning after’ and the raw quality of nightlife. I also looked at a surreal video artists, Larry Carlson, to influence the way I produced my body of work.

I have been influenced by a number of sources throughout this term, including influences from the key readings, that helped me understand more about the digital world.


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