Digital Media- Context Reflection

Throughout my process of developing my website and my artefacts, I always made sure I looked into different ideas around the digital world, I tried to address a number of digital issues and topics in all of my work. Throughout our lectures I could see links between the lecture material and my own life and digital practise; an example of this is the idea of what do we believe online and what do we not. There is much bullshit on the Internet now and it is the responsibility of each individual to sort through all the information to find the ‘truth’. This idea of filtering rubbish leads on to how we looked into the ideas around filter bubbles and how now Google and other sites filter their content to suit each person. Throughout the module I have seen many links between digital issues and topics, which I have found interesting while also continually relating it back to my own life and practise.

In my own work for this module, I have tried to address a number of different digital media topics in regard to my artefacts, under the themes of ‘work, ‘rest’ and ‘play’; for my ‘work’ theme I looked into ideas around tracking and how due to technology now and development of apps, many people now often track their daily routine, and this in itself has become a routine. For the theme of ‘rest’ I looked into the similarities between the human brain and the Internet, how they are both extensive networks, that are very powerful; my work addresses the idea of the ‘non-resting’ of these two subjects. I hope that through my use of photography and looking at lighting cast from digital items I have created a body of work that looks at this idea of ‘always on’ culture while also being a creative and interesting photographic piece. Finally for my ‘play’ theme I looked at the ideas around immersive environments; in the digital world these would have been thought of as immersive games, however I hope to challenge the idea of immersion by presenting to my viewers a different kind of immersive environment, that is a club. Clubs can be seen as immersive as when you are in them you feel like you are in a completely different and surreal world compared to the outside. All of my work combines the use of photography and creativity while also looking at digital ideas and techniques; for my artefacts I used digital technologies to create them, such as GIF imagery, videos and a form of crowdsourcing, to produce my final pieces. The use of these technological processes allowed greater understanding of the digital world and also allowed me to experience the idea of ‘digital’ in a hands on approach.


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