PicBod- New Imagery

After deciding to focus on the internet and telephone cable boxes, and taking influence from the work of the Becher’s, I went out and shot a range of different boxes. Each box can be seen to be unique as they are different sizes, shapes and also have different marks on them; I feel that the boxes could represent the different people I have spoken to on the online chatroom. Furthermore you don’t know what information is going through these boxes, linking to not knowing who you’re talking to in online chat rooms. For my photographs I decided to take front on images that focused on each individual box, trying to take the photographs from the same distance away from the boxes, to allow comparison between the different boxes. I want this comparison, as in my ‘text’ section of my final body of work I aim to display the text from the different conversations I have had with people, allowing people to compare the different types of conversations and lengths of these conversations.

Here are the images I created to do with the boxes:

DSC_0647730 DSC_0641728
DSC_0638727 DSC_0637726 DSC_0627725 DSC_0617723 DSC_0622724

I am a lot happier with these images than my previous two sets of images; I feel they link well with my theme but they are also visually interesting on their own. The images are strong in their own sense complementing the text I want to include from my online conversations, but they could stand on their own as images, looking at the ideas of the online world in a variety of ways. When getting feedback from my group on these images, everyone agreed they were a lot stronger than my other ones I had shown and they fit with my work well. I will use these images for my final body of work. Now that I have my images I will spend time working on how I will present and combine my imagery and the text from the conversations I had on online chatrooms to create an exhibition ready piece.


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