PicBod- The Photobook Club

During our photobook club meeting one of the books that really interested me was from the publishers Anonymous Press; they are a self sufficient publishing company, each photobook is a byproduct of an individual and a database, i.e. Google ImageSearch. Each human author defines the topic, the content and then the photobook is generated from the most relevant images found online using a pre-created algorithm by Karolis Kosas. Each publication is then added to a public library, in which anyone can purchase the photobooks.

These different works really interest me as they are completely random and dependant on the topic entered; it made me think about my work relating to the online world and online chatrooms. Like these photobooks, when it comes to online chatrooms you do not know who you will get to talk to, it is completely random. In my opinion I feel that the photobooks echo the strangers that I have spoken to online, each is different and it is completely random who you will get to talk to.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 19.43.16

As these photobooks have a strong link to my own work, I wonder whether I could make my own that links to my body of work; I decided to use the topic of ‘stranger’ to echo the online chatroom, the result can be found on, http://www.anonymous-press.com/index.php?id=publications&publication=201502282130Stranger. I really like the photobook as it looks at the theme of stranger in a different and random way, linking back to my themes of my project. Unfortunately I will not be able to get the book made and shipped in time for this submission, but if I were to continue this body of work in the future and further develop it, I could combine the book with my photographic work for an exhibition finish.


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