PicBod- Deception and Hidden Imagery

After looking into a range of photographerswork that is based around the idea of hidden, concealment or deception, and seeing the different ways I could approach this theme, I then decided to start photographing my own imagery to develop my ideas towards final images for my project. In my images I hope to show the idea of hidden and deception; linking to my ideas around the online world and online chatrooms, you don’t know who you are talking to and people of hide of manipulate their true identities.

My first set of images looked at the idea of hidden and deception by showing imagery of natural landscapes; it is only when you look closely that you can see the small signs of human presence such as a few houses. By the way I angled my camera and my location when taking the photographs, I allowed myself to partially hide these ‘human traces’ and deceive the viewer on first glance. By looking at this kind of deception I could be seen as echoing an online catfish showing only a small section of the ‘truth’ and deceiving the viewer into believing it is a natural landscape.

DSC_9974 DSC_9855 DSC_9780DSC_0541DSC_0512

I find these images very interesting, and they explore the theme of deception in a different way. However I do not feel these images link well enough to my project, the use of the natural landscape seems a bit odd and random and do not appear to have a strong link with the online world. For this reason I decided not to continue with this idea of imagery.

Next I decided to take myself inside and photograph deception concealment and hidden from the confines for a room; I did this as I feel that when you talk to people online you are confined to that online space in a sense and could be seen as ‘trapped’ in a virtual world. By photographing inside I feel this echoes the idea of being trapped and confined within the virtual world. For these images I focused mainly on the hidden and concealment; I photographed windows, that were either covered or from different angles; the windows separated us from the outside world echoing the screen of the computer. Furthermore the hidden aspect allows viewers to wonder and think about what could be on the other side of the window, echoing the idea that you don’t who know you are really talking to and you can only make guesses by what the people online tell you.

DSC_9735 DSC_0529 DSC_0525

I like these photographs a lot more than the previous set, I feel they fit better with the message I am trying to communicate, looking at the ideas of deception and hidden. However I still do not feel these are the strongest images and so I plan to continue photographing around this theme to see if I can get images that I prefer but that also link well to the themes I am looking at.


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