PicBod- Image Exchange

After talking to Hunter and then not thinking to stay in contact with him, I decided to see if people on online chatrooms would want to stay in contact with me; over a range of conversations I got to know people and some of them and myself asked to stay in contact, some people where willing, others were not. One example that seemed promising and exciting was when I was speaking to someone about my photography and walking; I described how I enjoyed going on walks and taking my camera, and this person found it interesting and said he also enjoyed walks. As the conversation progressed over time we continued linking back to this idea of walking, I joked about how it would be funny to go on walks and then tell the other about our experiences, therefore they could in a way ‘walk’ it too and imagine a different place. The guy said he’d do it, and so I suggested we exchanged images as well so we could visually see each others walks. It was agreed we would do this and so we exchanged emails and then the online chatroom conversation ended. The next day I went on my walk and collected a range of images, I then got home and went to send them via email only to find that the email address did not exist, I had been given a fake one. This was really frustrating but I did not give up hope and so I continued talking to different people online.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 22.06.50

After a while I found another person that was willing to do an image exchange and this time we actually exchanged a few images; I started off by sending mine, then he sent some back; however after then he only wanted to see my images and the exchange no longer worked properly and so he lost interest and we stopped talking. If I had got an interesting and full exchange, it could’ve been something interesting and cool to exhibit, the combination of my work and someone else’s that has been shared through the online world. However this did not happen and so I will continue having conversations with people and see where that leads me.


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