PicBod- Talk with Matt

After continuing my research and conversations online, I was pleased with my direction, however I was struggling to see how I could make this into a photographic piece, and so I decided to sit down and talk to Matt about possible avenues I could take. I knew I wanted to continue to look at the idea of deception and the internet, but I also wanted to incorporate the idea of conversation with the ones I have had online with strangers.

Matt told me to keep having conversations online and document these on Word. These conversations could then become part of my final presentation using the written conversation as a visual representation for both the online conversation and ‘real’ conversations. After looking at some of my conversations I had had with people, I could see that the text shows the progression of the conversation, starting with short simple questions and then developing into more detailed answers and questions, the text gets fuller as the conversation progresses.

I would need to think about the format of the text, looking at spacing and the way we view the text, to represent the conversation. A bit more spacing may make the different comments from people clearer while also showing the progression of the conversation, also space could be used to represent the flow and speed of the conversation with larger breaks if it took longer for a reply. I would also need to think about the titles that I could have with each different text, separating the different conversations to show that they are not all the same person. I thought about how I always made sure I found out where the person was from as this interested me, and so I could have each location they are talking to me from as the title.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.36.16

As the assignment is for a photographic piece I feel that the text could be combined with a body of work linking back to my ideas of deception and the Internet. Trying to show the idea of deception could be quite hard through photography and so I could also look at themes such as truth and the hidden, echoing the ideas around chatrooms and how they can be seen as unknown people. This idea of showing deception made me think back to my work from a previous project, The River Sherbourne, I took a photograph of the river, but the angle it was taken from and the position of the river meant that at first glance the river was not easy to see. This links to my idea of deception, looking at stuff that is there but the way I photograph it is deceiving and hides most of that subject. The images themselves do not necessarily need to be of the ‘digital world’, they could move away from the online world, having the conversations represent this, and focus solely on the theme of deception and hidden, looking at any subjects that relate to that.


I plan to look at photographers that look at themes of truth and deception, and also look at the combination of text and imagery. I also plan to begin shooting different subjects that I feel link to my themes and then review these images before selecting any final images, and working out the final presentation for the assignment.


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