PicBod- Continuing Converstations

After spending time researching around the ideas of deception and the internet, I went back to the online chatroom I originally used, strangermeetup.com, and continued to have conversations with different people. I was interested to see if there are any patterns that arise from these conversations as well as seeing if you can have a ‘real’ conversation with someone online.

Over time I spent different amounts of time talking to different people, I tried not to filter any specific people, as I wanted to see if I could talk to everyone, however if some of the conversations were rude or sexual I would leave the chatroom. I found that some people were willing to have conversations and we would talk for an hour or more, whereas other people would talk for a bit but would then leave after a shorter conversation.

When talking to people, I found the start of the conversation was very forced and the basic ‘where you from’, ‘how are you’ but after a while the conversations often became more detailed as we got comfortable with each other and some truth formed, we would talk about more personal things or things in a lot of detail. This growth and development of the conversation is quite interesting to me and it could be something I explore later one.

Furthermore I was also interested in the time line and speed of the conversation, online chatrooms can be seen as quite quick with instant answers, however in many of the chats there would be pauses, as we are online, we may be doing something else. As well as pauses, the conversations sometimes overlapped, with one person asking a question, the other answering just as another question is asked and needs to be answered too, these questions and formation of conversation could also be something interesting to look at, considering the pace and pauses within the online conversation

Below are examples of some of the conversations I have had with people, I have zoomed out to allow people to see the structure and progression of the conversation. Personally I feel the text echoes the shape of sound-waves which would be seen in a ‘normal and real’ conversation, this is an interesting visual and something that I could look into further, especially when considering how I plan to present my findings regarding this topic.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.37.16 Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.36.56 Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.36.16


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