Digital Media- ‘Work’ Final Artefact

After deciding to create GIF images for my final artefacts, I spent time collecting the second weeks worth of locations each person from my family visited and then plotted these also onto the map. I then copied the plotted maps into Photoshop and began linking each location in relation to where each person when in a week,  each time I drew a line between two locations I would save this as an image; these separate images would be be used to create my final GIF.

GIF images can be created manually on photoshop, however I decided to use an online site to create mine,; the site allowed to me upload as many images as I needed for each separate GIF image, and then select a speed of the GIF and a size. I selected quite a large size to make sure the GIF was good quality, I then also experimented with different speeds, I found that 500 milliseconds worked well as it was fast enough for the viewer to see each location and route, but also it wasn’t too slow and boring. I created these for each member of my family.


Bruce Bell


Judith Bell



Jess Bell


Fred Bell

Overall I am really happy with my final outcomes for this theme; they look at the idea of routine well, showing where all four family members travel over the course of two weeks. Each journey can be followed by the use of the GIF image, and allow comparison between each different person; for example Fred’s GIF does not seem to move for parts but really it is because he is just going to and from the same place a lot as he is still at school so he goes there every week day. When looking closely, even when it seems like the GIF is stuck or not moving, there is still movement as when going between similar points a lot the lines between these points get thicker to represent the repetitive nature of that routine. At the end of the GIF, where the final pattern is shown against a white background, you can see the pattern and routine a lot easier for each person, allowing comparison between each person. By having this final image with just the lines from each persons 2 weeks, the viewers can get an idea of their routine; Bruce shows a lot of lines going out of the frame representing how he travels a lot for work, whereas Judith’s are more centred around home as she works from there.

These artefacts look at the theme of ‘work’ in an interesting way by looking at the routines of four different people and following their routines over the course of two weeks. Furthermore not only does this work look at the idea of routine and work, it also links to ideas around the digital world; now a days there are many apps that are used to track out daily lives and routines, there are such a wide range of them, some simply tracking what we eat others are much more complex. The ideas of tracking and following what we do have become a lot more known due to the use of digital technologies, the actual ‘tracking’ of what we do has now even become part of our daily routines. Even though in my work I did not use digital technology to track where my family went in two weeks, I still address this idea of tracking and how it can be seen as part of our daily routine. The idea of digital in my work is further enhance by the use of technology when creating these artefacts, using an online GIF maker and Google Maps Maker, to plot the locations of each person. The final artefacts look at both themes around the digital world and also themes such as routine and daily life.


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