Digital Media- ‘Play’ Artefact

After spending time researching around my theme and looking at influences that could help my artefact development, I decided to create a video that looked at the idea of immersive environments in the form of a club. Through my video I wanted to show how when you are in a club you are completely immersed in the atmosphere and experience, the whole night becomes a lively surreal blur, with loud music, many people and lots of dancing. I have combined different clips from nights out in my local club in hope to show the whole experience; I have looked into showing the loud and lively music, the large numbers of people dancing and also the different lighting that all come together to create a surreal environment.

The theme of an immersive environment links to the digital world as there are many technologies now that use the idea of immersion to engross their users making them believe they are in the ‘different world’. Even though a club is not a technological item that creates immersive environments, it still uses technology to create an atmosphere that can be seen as immersive, as the environment in a club is something surreal at night, yet if you were to walk into a club in the day the experience would be completely different. To further show the theme of the digital world in my artefact I decided to take influence from our lecture we had based around the participatory digital world; we looked at the idea of crowdsourcing (collecting data from a number of participant to inform you on a given topic). Whether we like it or not we are all contributing (and participating in) the creation of the Giant Global Graph, we give information that helps the development of technology all the time, often without realising. In relation to photography, someone could collect a range of images from people for comparison or a montage; this hands over a bit of control to other people, letting them get involved.

For my artefact I decided to hand some control over to my friends and allow them to get involved; I asked them to send me videos or clips from when they have been out clubbing, I then combined all these clips to make one whole clip looking at the experience and immersive environment of the club. By allowing my friend to be part of this project not only did they have a say as to what content they sent me but they would also feel included in the work; I feel this is important as when I go out clubbing I go with them and so  they are part of my personal experience in the club and so the video echoes our groups experience as well as showing the clubbing experience and atmosphere as a whole.

When it came to editing my video I decided to have a lot of overlaying clips to show the kayos chaos of the club and how it is a crazy and surreal experience; some of the colours and clips blend together and become more abstract and surreal. I also primarily focused on the lighting and large numbers of people rather than clips that were just of my group as I wanted to show the whole experience and atmosphere of the club. I combined a range of different music tracks to make a mashup of loud music echoing the music and night in the club.

I added a slow motion section that slowed down the whole feel of the club and experience, focusing on the lights and breathing; I hope that this shows the idea of the surreal quality of the club and how you are completely part of it and involved, as well as allowing a moment to consider the experience. I feel that it could also echo the inclusion of alcohol to the night, and how alcohol can be seen to affect you and ‘change’ the way you see and experience things. before and after the slow motion bit I faded the videos into blackness and then back to the video, I hope that this echoes the idea of shutting your eyes as you try to absorb the whole experience.

Overall I am really happy with my final artefact, it looks at both the idea of play and the digital world, by focusing on the immersive environment of a club.


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