Digital Media- Changes to my WordPress Site

After completing my HTML static page, I revisited my WordPress site to make sure that I was completely happy with my website as a whole; I decided that I wanted to change my Contact page. Previously my contact page was just a list of my contact details, this seemed appropriate but after I thought about it I decided that I didn’t want to give out all my personal information on the web, instead I wanted to find a way that people could contact me but where I didn’t have to give out my personal details.

I looked into different possible solutions, however I decided on using a Plug-In to allow my viewers to contact me via email; I decided I wanted to have a contact form that allowed people to contact me via email, directly to my account using the website Plug-In. I looked at different Plug-Ins that offered contact forms, but decided on using a simple one called Contact Form Builder, this Plug-In offers ready built contact forms that can be customised depending on the users need.

For my contact form I wanted to allow my viewers to input their name, email address(so I could re-contact them), message subject and a message, which I hope will cover everything needed for a simple contact form for any queries or general questions about my work and practise. Furthermore by having this contact form, I have selected and connected my email to the form so that any messages are sent directly to my email account, allowing me to contact people, but also without having to give out personal information.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 16.01.39


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