PicBod- Relationship Task, Final Decision

After exploring both of my idea for this weeks task, I am pleased with both of my outcomes, They are both equally interesting topics that explore the idea of relationships and the space between them. However I have to pick one as my final idea for this weeks task, and so, after looking over the brief again and looking at my two final outcomes, I have decided that my idea to look at the space between my friend Ellie and myself is a lot stronger. I feel the images are more interesting and leave the viewer thinking about what they represent as well as allowing them space for contemplation. Furthermore, even though I really like the idea of looking at my relation with the world and the idea of human senses, I do not feel that my final outcome does the idea justice, it is not very impactful and compared to other photographers work who have looked at sight and blindness it is very weak.

During feedback, my group and myself agreed that the three images below were a lot stronger than the other two in the series and so for that reason I have decided to used these as the final images for my task. They tell enough about my theme and idea of distance as well as being creative and interesting photographs.

DSC_7871DSC_7889 DSC_7972-2


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