Digital Media- ‘Work’ Artefact Experiements

After deciding a direction for my theme of work, looking at the routine of daily life, I began experimenting with possible ways of demonstrating this. To start the process, over a week I collected and tracked where my family and myself went, for each member of the family I got exact locations of every place they visited during a week. Originally I had planned to find an app to track the daily routine and locations where my family go, however due to myself living away from home and having different phones with different possible apps, I decided to use the old fashioned method of writing down every location we have been.

Using these different locations I then plotted each persons week visually on a map. As I live away from home I decided instead of having all four of our weeks locations on one map, I would have four separate maps, one for each person; by having four maps this would also allow comparison between the four peoples different routines. I decided to use Google Map Maker for plotting each location the four people visited; this online tool allowed me to find exact locations and mark them with a point so that when the map was zoomed out I could still see each point plotted.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 17.53.43

After plotting all the locations for each person, I then needed to work out a way to demonstrate where we visited in the week and when in relation to each other; I decided on a simple dot to dot following the journey of each person exactly from point to point. To do this I needed to decided how zoomed in the map would be as I wanted them to all look visually similar but also be clear at showing where each person visited. As my family all have different routines and visit different places I knew it would be hard to find a solution for this problem, for example as my dad’s travel includes for work, his map would need to be very zoomed out to show all of the locations he visited. In the end to overcome this problem I decided to have each map zoomed in the same amount showing as many of the points within the close proximity of ‘home’, and then for any points out of view of the map I would still draw lines to them but they would just go out of frame, therefore implying they travelled far and out of the ‘home zone’. When this is looked at visually and in comparison to all the four people, my dad for example will have a wide span of locations outside of the map whereas my mum who works from home would have very few.

After I plotted all locations for each member and joined them up in relation to their movements in the week, I then decided to remove the back ground map, therefore leaving just the lines of travel. The lines would create a unique pattern for each person representing their movements over the week; the four image patterns could then be compared, looking at each persons own routine.

end week one

The removal of the map was interesting and looked unusual, however I feel that over a week there was not loads of different movements and so the map looked quite empty. I decided that I would record another weeks activity from my family and add this to the map hopefully making it more visually interesting. Furthermore I feel that without the map the lines do not have any context and viewers would find it hard to know what I am talking about; to over come this problem I decided I would create a GIF image for each person, showing their routine. Each GIF image would be made up of a series of images using the plotted map as the background, the first image would be empty, the next having the first line from the starting point of the week to the first location, after that each image of the GIF would have one line extra, eventually building up to show the whole week. The changing images would echo the change in the different locations and the movement of each person; the GIF images would end with the final lines of each route a person took without the map, to give a clear view of the pattern they created with their movements.


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