PicBod- Relationship Task, Idea Two

For my second idea for this task I want to look at the idea of my relationship with the world; each human being has a different relationship with the world, that depends of a variety of factors such as how we were brought up, our personality, where we live, our age, all these factors change the way each person sees the world and their relationship with it. This idea really interests me as after previously looking at the ideas around identity, I feel this links to some of those ideas.

As this idea of our relationship with the world is so large, I wanted focus on a small section by looking at our senses; our senses affect our perception of the world; a blind person would have a completely different perception and relationship with the world compared to someone who has 2020 Vision.  I looked at this article, http://io9.com/5926643/10-fundamental-limits-to-human-perception—-and-how-they-shape-your-world, in which it is shown how different variations in our senses can affect our perception of the world.

Every different person has a different perception of the world, yet most people take their’s for granted; many people have a lost sense(s) such as deafness, blindness, while others take their senses for granted not considering what it would be like without a sense. I myself am very lucky, I have all my senses working, I do have a weak eye which meant I had to wear glasses when growing up, but nothing major. I could not image what it would be like to be blind, partially or completely; I found this video below, that shows Mark who is 29 and he talks about how he has been going blind since he was a child.

The video makes me think about how lucky I am that I can see properly, and that if I couldn’t how different my life would be, everyday tasks would become a challenge. I think that out of all the senses at the moment for this task I will focus on sight, this is the most interesting to me, and I think it works well for the task as two people who can and can’t see would have a completely different relationship with the world. People who are blind rely on their other senses, these senses are often a lot stronger than someone’s who can see.

I found this video, below, showing a represenation of what it is like to be blind; the video is very moving yet simple, with people describing what it is like for them, combined with a blurry, combination of very dark tones. The darkness represent peoples blindness.

From looking into this idea more I have become fascinated with the idea of sight and I plan to use sight as my relationship with the world. I want to make my viewers think about sight and how lucky people who have it are, and so I decided to make a video that combines the idea of sight as well as blindness, allowing my viewer to think about the relationship between us and the world that is affected by our sight.

I created two videos (below), the first one combines the youtube video on what it is to be blind and my own imagery of an eye blinking. I want to show how we take our eyes for granted and that from the outside people may look fine, but really they could be blind, that is why I combined the two clips. However I felt that by having the women talking, about what it is to be blind, it was making the video too obvious, I want my viewers space to think and so for the second video I removed the talking. This now allows my viewers to create their own understanding while also showing my focus on sight and how that affects our relationship with the world.

Overall I am very pleased with both videos, I slightly prefer my second video without the talking, however I still feel the first is strong; both videos show my idea of relationship in a unique way, looking at human senses and how without them we would have a completely different perception of the world. In my video I combined the ability of sight as well as blindness to further enhance the idea of how without one sense our perception and relationship with the world would be completely different; furthermore I hope that the videos make my viewers think and appreciate the ability to see.


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