PicBod- Relationship Task, Ideas

After looking at different photographers who tackle the idea of relationships in their own way, I have two possible ideas for this task. The first is to look at the idea of the space between in a relationship, I want to look at how I have to travel to see one of my close friends and the distance between us now that I am at university. My other idea is to look at my relationship with the world, looking at how my senses create this relationship and understanding of the world.

For my first idea I am concentrating on my friendship with a good friend that I used to go to school with; even though we live in the same area, we basically live on the opposite sides, there is a 30 minute drive between our two houses. Before passing my driving test I could see her but it was a lot more inconvenient and harder, whereas as soon as I had passed I could hop in my car and drive over to see her, yet there was still that distance between us. Furthermore she lives on an island and so to get to her I have to cross over a bridge, without this bridge I would not be able to reach her. All of these ideas link to how I want to represent the space between us, rather than looking at our close relationship, I want to focus on this separation and space; this space is further emphasised as now I live away from home half the year at university and she is further away from me. I want to explore how I can represent this space and distance between us, that echo both the journey I take to see her and the distance we are now from each other.

For my other idea, I want to look at my relationship with the world; I want to focus on my senses and how I take them for granted as without them I would ‘see’ the world completely differently and have a different relationship with it. The main sense I plan to focus on is sight, as without my sight my perspective on the world would be completely different, therefore affecting my relationship with the world I know now.

I plan to look into both of these idea of relationships as I think they are both equally interesting, I will then, after creating my artefacts, decide which is stronger.


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