Digital Media- Adding Pages

After deciding to have my WordPress site as my main website, and design a static page as an entry page to the site, I began to customise my WordPress site further. I wanted different pages with information to make my website professional and informative to my visitors. The first page I created was the ‘Blog’ page; the menu bar will link to a this page which contains all my posts around the ideas of digital media and the work I have done for this module. I also wanted an ‘About’ page to give my visitors an idea about my practise and inform them of my professional side; I described my different areas of work such as commercial and academic, I also included information as  about myself as a person, including how I am driven, creative and passionate about my subject and work. I created a ‘Contact’ page which gives my personal information and contact details so if anyone wants to contact me they can.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 17.03.57

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 17.03.07

Finally I wanted a ‘Gallery’ page that allows my visitors to view my different bodies of work and portfolio; for this page I have linked it with the NextGen Gallery Plug-In as this plug in creates the gallery for me rather than having to create one myself by coding. The Gallery PLug-In allows me to upload photographs and then the Plug-In creates a gallery for them to be displayed, that has individual thumbnails as well as a larger ‘scroll through’ gallery. For my gallery I wanted a selection of different smaller galleries that would separate my different projects and photographs; to do this I had to create individual pages for each separate project gallery, I then linked these small galleries to the main gallery page, which has writing describing different projects I do. By linking to the main gallery page, and having that as the ‘parent’ page, the smaller galleries became part of a drop down menu on the main menu bar under the ‘Gallery’ link.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 17.02.14


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