Digital Media- Change in Decisions

After originally deciding to create mainly static pages and then have one link to my blog where I could have all my blog work, I have now decided that I do not want to do this. I have decided that I will create a static page that is an ‘entry’ page to my main site which will now be my WordPress site; I decided on this change as, after customising my WordPress, I feel that it has everything I need, and it looks very professional. Instead of creating lots of static pages using HTML, I will have one static page to show I can use HTML and CSS, but then I will have my other pages on my WordPress site, these will include an About page, Contact page, Blog (linking to all my blog archive) and a gallery page which will be created using the NextGen Plug-In.

Due to my changes in my website set up, I have changed the appearance of my static page, instead of having a menu bar, I now have a single link, titled ‘enter website, that will link my viewers to my WordPress site. Because this page is the only static one I will be creating, I will revisit the design to make sure it links visually with my WordPress theme, as I want a flowing website; I will also look into making the static page more interesting, possibly by including a gallery or changing images rather than single stationary images on the entry page.

Home page Design 2


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