PicBod- Isolation Imagery

After looking at lot into the idea of isolation, while still linking it to my online conversation with Hunter, I have decided to create my series of images based on the idea of isolation. Taking influence from the photography work I have looked at, as well as the research around isolation, I hope that my images will show both the isolation of Hunter and his lifestyle, how he has chosen to live away from the ‘buzz’ of the city and lives alone with his dog, and also the isolation online media and chatrooms create, they isolate you from the real world yet let you ‘talk’ to others in the digital world.

The first images I created (below) was influenced by the work of Stephan Opitz. His image of the single window in a dark room is very dramatic; due to the bright outside, the room is cast into the darkness, making the room seem confined and isolated, the viewer cannot see outside, they are ‘trapped’ in the room. I thought that this image showed my idea of isolation well, showing how the digital world ‘traps’ us from the real world, while also showing how Hunter chose to talk to me on his day off, staying inside, his isolation has caused him to talk online to strangers. I took influence from Opitz’s image as I also used a window as part to my subject to show the same idea of isolation, however I also combined a lone figure; I did this in hope that it would further echo Hunter’s isolation as he is alone in his home.


I then decided also to consider Hunter’s surroundings as they play a huge part in his life, he has chosen to live in the woods alone because he likes the peace and quiet and also the natural environment. I went out and photographed the woods and natural environment; with the natural images I then decided to experiment with merging both a natural image and the image above showing isolation, I hoped that this would give a true representation of Hunter’s experiences in life.


Even though I do like the original image of just the window and figure, I think these images are more true to Hunter, they both echo his isolation and connection with the natural environment. I tried to select natural images that were not too dark, so that they would show up against the darkness of the room. Also in more of the images, the shape of the head of the figure is still clear, yet it then blends into the natural environment and becomes part of the natural world, showing further Hunter’s connection with nature.






Overall I am pleased with my series of images that are both personal to Hunter but also link well to the idea of isolation.


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