Digital Media- ‘Work’ Artefact

After looking at the work of Travis Hodges, I was interested in exploring the idea of quantifying our lives and how to some people this becomes a daily routine; I started off by looking into the idea of routine and what it means. Routines are sequences of actions that are regularly followed; using technology to record your daily amount of exercise or your daily mood, such as what Hodges looked at, can be seen as showing peoples routine in a digital form. Everyone has different habits and routines throughout their day, and this is an interesting idea that I could explore, looking at a few different people to see how their routines are all slightly different. Linking to the use of technology there are many apps and internet programs that people use to record their daily routines or track their progress in a given area, but to what extent do people go to track themselves? This app,, is used to record a daily routine, it has a great amount of detail including times for when things should be done. It makes me wonder how far people go to record their routine and lives using apps and computer programs; I personally do not record my routine using apps, however I do use apps such as Instagram and Twitter to let my followers know about my day and certain events in my life, even though this is different from following a routine, it can still be seen as tracking an area of my life.

I continued to think about how we now have technology so much in our lives, it could be seen as a second limb, used on a daily basis for simple tasks such as recording notes or finding a location on a map, people rely on it a lot more than they realise. I wanted to look into this idea of our lives and how technology is a major factor in them; I looked at the article Technology changes our life, what is next? which looked into the impact technological change has had on our lives, some of the key points I picked up on included:

  • IPhone’s, Blackberries and laptops are becoming an important part of our daily lives. We are all so dependent on these devices that sometimes we treat them as if it is part of our family.
  • It makes life easier to live on and less time-consuming. Hence, people do not have to do all the hard labor anymore.
  • Although technology has made life more convenient, there is certain amount of drawbacks in which it has damaged the quality of our life. It separates individuals from reality. The IPod is one example; by putting into earbuds and immersing yourself in music while in public, you are disconnecting yourself from the real world.
  • The Internet detracts from the communication abilities of society, especially the young. In formative teen years, lack of personal communication due to excessive Internet usage can have an overall negative effect on mental and physical health. Social networking inflicts damage on children and pushes them into leading isolated, antisocial individuals, while living in a virtual world away from real life.
  • It is becoming very difficult to spend a few hours, or even minutes without the usage of computers, mobile phones etc.
  • Online communication is now in fashion, putting a thick wall between you and reality. Modern technologies could replace live talking with texting to your friends.

All these changes in technologies that would not be noticed on a daily basis have changed the way we carry out our lives; I am sure most people will look at their phone a few times a day, check their social media and follow an internet feed of information, most of this would be done without hesitation and so it becomes part of our daily routine. I am really interested in how technologies are incorporated and part of our daily routines and how people might feel ‘lost’ without their technology. Moving on from this idea I decided to research into the idea of technologies and how we use them to ‘track’ or record our daily routines, and how these actions in themselves become part of our daily routine.

On, the website gave a list of the ‘Top 50 Apps that track your life; these ranged from ones relating to health, travel and daily life tasks. The article stated that one of the biggest buzzwords used at the moment in relation to technology and apps is ‘quantified self’, people are using apps all the time to track their daily lives; it’s possible to collect data about ourselves and our lives in just about everything we do. This means we are able to quantify, optimise and analyse our lives in depth, using technology and data as a resource to better ourselves. The article continued to break down the different areas you can track and to what extent you can track these, for example you can track ‘EVERYTHING’ your other half does which seems a bit extreme but apparently there are apps for that.

Some of these technological changes and abilities to track our lives seem quite extreme, however others have been used to aid us, an example of this is cyclists now use videos to track their journeys, and if any incidents happen with motorist that are not their fault these videos can be used as evidence if needed in court. I looked into the BBC Article about wearable technology and how we use technology to track our lives. Sport is a natural starting place for wearable tech and cameras, such as the GoPro, which have proved a hit with extreme sport enthusiasts keen to record their daring feats. The article looked into different wearable and tracking technologies such as Augmented view and Smart Watches .

One item of technology that really interested me was the Autographer, which is a wearable camera which can either be worn on a belt or a handbag. It comes loaded with five sensors which intelligently determine when to take a photos based on changes in light, motion, direction, colour and temperature, it can take approximately 2,000 pictures a day and has a 136 degree wide angle lens. This form of camera can be used to document the whole day of someone and where they go throughout their day; the viewers of the images would be able to ‘travel’ their journey with them when looking at the images.


I am really interested in the idea of using technology to track your daily routine and life. I plan to combine the idea of routine and tracking, possibly looking at the weekly routine of a range of people and comparing these routines. I really like the Autographer idea of documenting someones day continually, however I want to look at it more quantitively rather than photographically; I could look into using an apps to track my day or look at other forms of technological programs to follow my day. I plan to look into different ways of representing data in a creative way; I also need to decide what part of my day to ‘track’, I will think about this as I continue to research this idea. As my theme is ‘Work’ I will have to make sure I still link with this idea while also showing my creativity and links to the digital world.


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