Digital Media- WordPress Customisation

After selecting my theme for the WordPress part of my website, I decided to begin to customise the appearance to link to my HTML page and also to look visually similar. I mainly used the ‘Asteria Options’ to customise my WordPress as this gave me more options compared to just using the ‘Customise” tool on the Appearance section on my WordPress dashboard. I started by using the the ‘Customise’ options for basic changes such as changing the title to Jessica Louise Bell. I also changed the colour scheme used for the website, such as the background colour, for which I selected white, and the font colour for which I selected a dark grey as my main text colour as this linked in well with the dark grey banner along the top of my WordPress site.

After doing basic changes to my site using the ‘Customise’ tool, I then decided to further change my website using the ‘Asteria Options’; I decided to have full width for my website, meaning that the webpage fills the whole web browser screen rather than having a white border each side, as this will look more like a website rather than a blog.

I then began to customise my front page to give me the exact look I wanted for my website. On the front page design part way down the webpage, there are blocks (seen below); these originally have random words attached to then, however they can be linked and so I decided to have one saying creative, linking to my portfolio of images, one saying driven linking to a page that would talk about my practise and then another saying approachable that would link to a contact page which would have details for viewers to contact me if they wanted.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 21.23.49

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 21.18.02

I also added the text ‘Driven by ambition to succeed, while maintaining core values throughout: respect, loyalty, teamwork, excellence and hard work’ as I feel passionate about my core values and I want to show my viewers and possible clients that I take my work seriously both in my academic and professional life.

Under my block links I could chose whether to have my blog posts on the front webpage; I decided that a few would look good as it shows my academic work, but I would not want them all as that would defeat the point of having a front page. I decided to display my 9 most recent blog posts as this gives my viewers a flavour of the work I am doing and some of the themes I am looking at while also not overcrowding my front page.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 21.22.22

Continuing with editing my front page, I decided to customise my image gallery slider; instead of using the themes own images, I wanted to use my own photographs to show my variety of work in a simple and quick way that viewers look at as soon as they enter the page. Because the slider is large and fills the web browser when entering my WordPress site, I decided to use strong images that stood out and showed my creativity. To show my wide portfolio of work, I decided to add four main themes to the images; Natural, Street, Commercial and Travel, linking to the different types of photography I do and am interested in. I then selected four images to compliment these themes. I really like the gallery slider as it offers a great way to show my creativity while being easy to use as once the viewer clicks on it once to start the cycle the photographs loop continuously, showing both the images and each theme in text.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 15.19.00

For my main font family I decided I wanted something that was simple yet elegant that complimented my theme, I selected the font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif for my WordPress.

I wanted to add my social media to my website as this would allow my viewer to view my different forms of media platforms all relating to my photographic practise. On the options menu I could add a range of different social media platforms depending upon which is appropriate; I decided to add my Flickr and Instagram to show more of my portfolio and creativity, my twitter as a general feed of information and then my Linkedin account to show my professional side and previous work experience.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 15.30.46

Overall I am really happy with the changes I have made to my WordPress site, I feel like it is more my own. I plan to continue developing my whole website to make sure that everything links together well both visually and technically. I will also revisit my original HTML webpage design to make sure that it links well visually, such as having the same font family and also the same colour scheme.


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