Digital Media- Website Artefacts

As part of our digital media module, we are expected to produce 3 series of images/video that looked at the theme of digital media. For the three sets of images we have been given the themes of ‘work, rest and play’; for each individual theme we are expected to research and produce at least three images within a series. All of the series have to link to the idea of digital and the media, this can be links from lecture material or personal interest within the digital world.

After looking at different material in lectures that all link to digital media and also could influence my artefacts, I have began to think about my artefacts and what I want to demonstrate. I recently came across the work of Travis Hodges and his body of work, The quantified self, in which Hodges looks at people who track and qualify their everyday actions. The series combines portraits of each individual and also their quantified self in a data form. This combines the idea of how we present and represent ourselves, looking at both our physical appearance and also our ‘data’ appearance. Hodges looks at a range of different people and how they ‘quantify’ themselves, many of the commonly tracked metrics relate to health and self improvement, but almost anything can be tracked; sleep, exercise, mood, weight, the list is almost endless as are the individual motivations for tracking.



Looking at Hodgeswork really interested me as he combined the use of data and also photography to create an interesting and unusual body of work. After seeing this work I thought about my own practise and interaction with the digital world; I would not say I ‘track’ myself using any Apps or technologies, I do not follow my mood through the day or track my sleeping pattern. Having said that I do track the places I go, especially if they are unknown place; whenever I go somewhere I always use my Iphone’s Map App to look up where I am heading to and the options I can take such as route and transport. I do not look up every journey yet I do use the maps quite a lot in my daily life. I could look into incorporating this use of maps into one of my ideas for this project. I could also look into how I quantify myself in my daily life, instead of using Apps I make lists all the time, I could look into my list making and try to produce something from that. Out of the themes we have been given I think that this idea of ‘quantifying’ and using data on a daily basis would link best with the theme of ‘work’, I will explore this more, however I may end up using this for a different theme depending on my findings.


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