Digital Media- Plug-Ins

As part of this module and for our WordPress site we are asked to add at least three Plug-Ins to the site. We were advised to add Akismet as this removes spam comments from your blog making your website look at lot more professional, as I want to be seen as professional I activated this Plug-In straight away.

I also decided to add the Google Analytics, this is to benefit myself as a website owner, it allows you to see all the statistics about your website, such as how many people are visiting it, where they are visiting it from and what they were looking at.

I wanted to add a Gallery to my website so that I could display a range of my work on a separate page to the main front page. I looked at the different gallery Plug-Ins; there was a wide selection and so I chose one that had a good rating and a large number of users so that I know it is good and reliable. I selected the NextGEN Gallery Plug-in that allows me to upload my images and then it creates a gallery for me on a selected page of my WordPress. I will experiment with this a lot more when it comes to creating my different pages for my WordPress site.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.42.45

For now I am leaving just these three Plug-Ins as I don’t need anything else for my WordPress site, but at a later date I can always revisit the different Plug-Ins and add more to my site.


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