PicBod- Isolation Influences

I decided to look at possible photographers work that could influence my work for this series of images. German photographer Stephan Opitz has a knack for capturing isolated moments on his camera. These lonely moments are enhanced by the lack of colour. The images are haunting, yet beautiful. Whether it’s a flock of birds against the backdrop of isolated towers or a peculiar looking tree in the foreground, the photos are absolutely stunning. Every image almost begs for your company just by observing them.

71873_7_800 71873_5_800 71873_4_800

The work comprises of a range of images from a lone figures to empty rooms and natural landscapes. I like how this series has a range of different image subjects, yet you can still see the theme of isolation throughout; in my own work I could look at the idea of combining different subjects to show my theme of isolation better. I really like the image of the empty room, the light contrasts to the dark room with a dramatic effect, while also showing isolation well as people often stay indoors to isolate themselves from the world.

This image by Jon Downs is a very simple image, yet I feel it shows the theme of isolation well; the lone tree could echo the idea of a person’s loneliness and isolation from society. Furthermore by having the tree in a natural ’empty’ environment, this further emphasises the idea of isolation as people often move away to remote areas to get away from society as a form of isolation; this also links with what Hunter was telling me in our conversation. In my photography I could use natural landscapes to echo the isolation and movement away from society as well as echoing how Hunter lives in the woods away from the city.

isolation_cp_600wWhen googling the word ‘isolation’, a lot of the images that came up included lone figures either sitting or standing, often cast in shadow. The dramatic effect to the images made them impacting while also showing the idea of isolation how these people are separate from society. In my own work I could look at using a lone figure to represent Hunter and his isolation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 18.11.57

Looking at all of these have helped me think about my own series of photographs based on the theme of isolation, I now plan to go out and shoot different ‘types‘ of isolation and then decide on my final series for the task.


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