PicBod- Isolation

After looking into Catfishing and having my conversation with Hunter, I was interested in looking at the idea of isolation; when talking to Hunter he told me about how even though he lives near a city, he has chosen to live away from the ‘buzz’ of the city, and so he lives in the woods and swamps. Hunters house is isolated from the city life as well as being at least a mile away from any other houses, this gives Hunter isolation but can also mean loneliness. I found it interesting how Hunter used an online chatroom to talk to a stranger on his day off work rather than going out and spending time with his friends, all these factors make me think that he is a very isolated person, living alone other than his dog, away from people. I also find interesting the idea that because he is sat on an online chatroom, he is isolated in the computer as well as his real life.

I am really interested in this idea of isolation, not only in relation to Hunter but also in relation to lots of people choosing to spend time on their phones/devices, isolating themselves from the outside world, into a cyber world. I decided to do some research into isolation.


Isolation—the experience of being separated from others—may result from being physically removed from others, as when a person lives in a remote area, or it can result from the perception of being removed from a community, such as when a person feels socially or emotionally isolated from others. Social isolation is distinct from the experience of solitude, which is simply the state of being alone, usually by choice. Taking time to be alone can be a healthy, rejuvenating experience that allows us to reconnect with our own needs, goals, beliefs, values, and feelings. But when a person experiences too much solitude or feels socially isolated from others, he or she may develop feelings of loneliness, social anxiety, helplessness, or depression, among others.

When reading the definition of isolations I could see many links to what Hunter said and the definition, I believe that he isolated himself from choice, however this has lead to loneliness. When talking to Hunter he admitted he does get lonely sometimes living by himself, and so this could be the reason he chose to use an online chatroom to have a ‘normal’ conversation with me rather than like some people using it for sexual purposes.

I decided to look at peoples opinions as to why people isolate themselves from society, I looked at an online question forum to see different peoples responses to ‘What makes someone isolate from society if they were social before?‘:

  • There are a number of recognised causes of isolation—physical reasons, circumstantial, family-related, and personality.
  • There are 54 medical conditions causing Isolation. i.e. Emotional problems, Personality disorders, Secrecy, Certain diseases, Social withdrawal due to embarrassment.

All these above could be a cause for isolation, however in the case of Hunter I do believe from what he said he just chooses to live away from people as he likes to get away from city life, yet he still meets up with his family every weekend so he isn’t completely isolated from people. Hunter also uses online platforms to socialise with people, our conversation was an example of this. I am interested to see if people chose to socialise more online rather than in person, meaning they are isolating themselves within a virtual world.

I looked at the telegraph article, ‘One in four socialises more online than in person‘ to get some more information on the topic:

  • People now have 11 different ways of staying in contact with their friends from the comfort of their sofa or bedroom.
  • These include simple email, messenger, text and several forms of social networking from Twitter to Facebook, said the survey by online casino Yazino.
  • It found even when there is time to see people face to face, like at a weekend, up to 11 per cent of all adults still choose to stay indoors and communicate instead.
  • People increasingly prefer quick and frequent engagement with instant updates on news than a prolonged chat and are also finding new ways to catch up with friends from their comfort of their sofa.

The article was very interesting to me, and I agreed with a lot of information, I myself admit I prefer a quick response and convenience rather than spending time on the phone. Due to the use of different technologies people often chose to stay in at the weekends, as the article stated, and this can be seen with my own conversation, Hunter chose to stay in talking to me online on his day off work. By staying in and ‘fixed’ to a computer screen I feel this is a different form of isolations, it is isolation within the real world, however in the virtual world they could be talking in a community.

Overall I am really interested in this idea of isolation whether it be within society or isolation within the virtual world. I plan to use this idea of isolation to create a series of images for this weeks task. I will look at different ways of representing isolation, while still making it link to my conversation with Hunter.



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