Digital Media- Linking WordPress to my Website

For my website set up and this terms assignment, we have to use both WordPress and at least one HTML page created by myself, these will then need to be linked to allow easy and flowing access through my website for all users. To link my website to WordPress, on my control panel for my website using the Softaculous App Installer, it created a link to my website domain and a new WordPress account. The new WordPress account works in a very similar way to a normal WordPress blog.

Once I had the link between my website and domain and a new WordPress account, I could then begin to edit and customise the WordPress to suit my idea for design. To start my customisation, I decided to pick a theme for the whole WordPress, I want this theme to link to my previous idea of design for my HTML page and so I spent time going through different themes to find the perfect one. As well as looking visually similar to my initial website design, I also want to have an accessible and visually pleasing site; I want a gallery on the main WordPress page, that allows me to showcase a range of my work.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.09.31

I quite liked this WordPress theme as it had a gallery for the main homepage, as well as a menu bar for different added sections such as About and Contact. I did like this theme however I feel that it looks a bit basic and also a lot of photographers have a long strip of different images on their main page, and I want to stand out and be different.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.16.18

The next theme I previewed was definitely not the theme for me, even though I liked the side menu bar, it would not have fitted visually with my HTML page design. Furthermore after the initial image, the website became much more of a blog, showcasing a blog post right under the image. Even though I want to have my blog on the WordPress site, I want it to be on a separate page as I feel this will make my website seem like a photography website rather than a normal blog.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.20.37

This theme is my favourite and offers everything I could want for a website; there is a bold title and menu bar situated in a coloured bar, very similar to my chosen webpage design, so both my designed page and the WordPress would link visually. Also the home page of the WordPress has a striking gallery with large images that loop through a series, this could be used to showcase a range of my work. The website then continues down the page where you can add links to other pages such as Contact and About, and also at the bottom of the page there is page to showcase some of my blog posts, showing my academic work. For all these reasons I selected this theme for my WordPress section of my website. I can now begin to customise my WordPress.


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