PicBod- Task One Final Montage

For my final montages, I wanted to look at the complexities of identity by looking at a more scientific approach to identity; I decided to look at the idea of biological identity and how our genes and DNA make us who we are. I looked at a range of different areas that link to our biological identity including eyes, fingerprints, hair, teeth and our appearance in relation to our parents. I also wanted to show the complexity of identity by also showing how our biological identity doesn’t make up the ‘whole story’, so I added identity documents, these are how the government identifies us; I also have a map of each location myself and my mother have lived, as well as sound waves to represent our own voices and accent, which links to where we have been brought up.

Even though I wanted to show the personal identity of two people, myself and my mother, I thought I would take influence from the photographers work I had looked at, where they wrote over their montages. However after consideration and looking at my imagery once it had been stuck down, I decided that I would not write on my montage as I was looking at identity from a more scientific approach, so it seemed more appropriate to leave the images without written text as the text gave a more personal feel to the other photographer’s work.

IMG_20150117_0001 IMG_20150117_0002

During our feedback session for this task, it was apparent that quite a few people had taken the word montage not as literary as I have, with some creating book like montages and others having fewer images, my work could be seen as a more traditional montage. I think that for my next tasks I will not take them quite as literally and try to be creative while also meeting the brief. However I did receive good feedback on my montage, saying that I had addressed the complexities of identity well; I was warned that if I were to continue this idea of identity onto my final project I would need to be careful with all the information that I would have and how it could become too broad and lose meaning, I would need to spend time curating work and making it slightly less obvious with my imagery. The bit of my montage that everyone found most interesting was the use of sound waves in relation to our accent, this could be something to keep working on as it something a bit different.


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