Digital Media- Website Initial Design

After deciding on my website address,, and deciding that I wanted to create a static page using html and Dreamweaver that would be my route directory, and my main page when I open up the website, I started thinking about my design and what I wanted my website to look like.

I want a simple website that is accessible as well as visually exciting; my website would also have a range of ‘pages’ such as a contact page. The main pages I definitely want are About, talking about myself as a photographer, Contact, allowing anyone to contact me through my details online, Blog showing my academic work for this module and then a Gallery to showcase some of my previous work as well as showing my the image sets for this module. As I am linking my html page to a WordPress blog, which has a range of set themes, I want to make sure that they both link visually, for this reason I have designed quite simple webpages for now that can then be modified and edited after I know what my WordPress blog looks like.

Design IdeaHome page Design

For both of my webpage designs I have a menu bar that would link to other pages allowing access to different areas of my website. On my home page I also wanted to include a mini gallery displaying a range of my work, showing my creativity and diversity. When looking through different website designs of existing photographers websites, most have some form of gallery showcasing their work on their home page; I feel that this is a good way to show creativity and your own practise.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 16.19.08

I like both of my webpage designs however I feel the second one is better as it shows the variety of my work both colour and black and white photography, the layout works well with a range of different types of photographs and also shows a lot more of my work compared to the first design. Furthermore even though the first design is crisp and simple, I feel that it is also slightly bland and not true to my practise as I use colour photography a lot. I have an idea now  what design I want for my home webpage and so once I have linked WordPress to my website and selected a theme that compliments my design idea, I can finalise my design for my home page.


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