Digtal Media- Setting up my Website

To start setting up our website we were first asked to chose a domain, providing it was free, that would be used for our website. From looking at other photographers websites, I decided I wanted a simple domain that would be easy to remember; I wanted to include my name, however I decided I did not want to include ‘photography’ in my domain as I wanted to leave my website open to other forms of media if I chose to go into that. I decided on the domain, jessicalouisebell.co.uk.

After picking our domain, we then had to decide whether we wanted WordPress to be our route directory, with links our to static pages we have created, or whether we wanted a static page to be our ‘home’ page then link out to other static pages and also have a link to our WordPress blogs. I decided to make a static html page to be the face of my website, then link out to other pages, as this would allow me to customise and design my website exactly how I want it.

After deciding exactly how I will build my website, I can now begin to think about the design and what content I want on my website. I plan to spend time designing the look of my website as well as deciding what content to include. I will first design my basic idea on paper then use Photoshop to visualise the exact look of my pages.



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