PicBod- Preparatory Task

In preparation for the PicBod (Picturing the Body) module this term, we were asked to produce a self portrait over the holidays. The self portrait was unrestricted in theme and technique yet it still had to supply a message to the viewer. Time should have been spent understanding what it is you wished to convey before then looking at the composition and mechanics of the image and finally production.

After doing a previous portrait task over the summer, I wanted to continue my ideas around these portraits for my self portrait for the PicBod task. I previously look at the ideas of identity and what is our true identity; I questioned whether our appearance could be seen as our ‘true’ identity. I felt that because people can manipulate their appearance, for example by the use of make-up and post production photoshop of images, even going as far as having plastic surgery, that our appearance is not our ‘true’ identity as we can change it if we wish. I believe that our true identity is more biological, and so I looked into the idea of biological identity and how it cannot be change, our DNA makes us who we are. From this idea I created a set of images that were of fingerprints, I used these fingerprints to present my idea of biological identity and how it cannot be changed easily.

For this task I continued looking at this idea of biological identity, and decided to look more into the idea of DNA and what make us who we are? I wanted to show how my genes come from my parents and without them I would not be me; I came up with the idea of merging three portraits, of my mum, dad and myself, to show this idea of biological identity and how my parents made me who I am.

Mum, Dad and I

After creating my photograph containing all three people, I then decided to create two more images, one of just my mum and myself and the other of my dad and myself, I wanted to see how similar we look and who I look more like as this was of personal interest to me. People often say that I look like my dad, however when creating these two images, it turned out I looked a lot more like my mum.

Dad and I Mum and I

This work around identity and particularly biological identity is very interesting to me and I want to continue this research into these themes.


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