Site Specific Project- Final Photobook

My photobook has arrived, and overall I am very pleased with it, the images flow well together and I feel they show the journey of the River Sherbourne as well as my own. The book guides my viewers through the changing landscape showing an increase in the human presence as the river gets closer to the city and how man has affected the natural environment. The black cover is simple and not distracting allowing my viewer to solely focus on the images inside. With slight context on the rivers journey, my photobook leads my viewers through the land, allowing them to be transported along the river, creating an individual experience for each viewer; they can travel at their own speed through the book. My book ends with a diagram of the route of the river and each location I photographed; I hope that this final bit of context allows the viewer a greater understanding of my concept and ideas.

One image was slightly blurred in parts due to the depth of field used, however the uploading and printing process has slightly enhanced this effect although it isn’t too¬†noticeable, and all of the other images are strong, with similar tones and colours linking the body of work as a whole. The movement in the positions of the photographs as you go through the book, from the top of the page to the bottom, echoes the route of the river from the northwest to the southeast; to further echo the geographical positioning of the river, when the photobook is shut, due to having the images right at the edge of each page, the shape of the river and movement is echoed.

Here is a video flicking through my photobook:



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