Site Specific Project- Exhibition Layout

For my final presentation I decided to create a photobook to display my work, I felt this is a good medium that clearly shows my journey of discovery and the journey of the river. To accompany the photobook I would also want an exhibition to create a visual representation of the river and my journey. Due to time restraints for this project I will not be able to create the exhibition in full before deadline, however I have planned out the layout of my exhibition.

For my exhibition, I would want a space that allows my viewers to visually engage with my work; my idea is to map out the route of the River Sherbourne on the walls, I would then place each photograph in its correct location along the river where it was taken. By creating the river on the wall, my viewer would literary have to walk the River Sherbourne and experience its journey through my own journey and images. I feel this would combine well with my photobook as the book allows my viewer to ‘travel’ down the river at their own pace, by turning each page, allowing them to make their own journey of discovery.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 15.51.10

I have created a digital representation of what my exhibition ‘wall’ could look like, laying-out my photographs in order along the route of the river. This is only an initial plan and if I were to take this project further I would need to spend more time working out the exact layout and measurements etc.

Exhibition Final Presentation

I like the idea of this, however it could be quite hard for viewers to look at all the images as they start high up and finish low down. When creating the exhibition I could experiment with turning the river on its side slightly, so you still have the exact shape and scale of the river, but the viewers could walk along it better (I could put a simple compass or arrow showing North so that it is clear that I have turned the river slightly). This would all need to be experimented with when I know the exact size and space I have to use; I can then make an informed decision as to which is a better layout.


I think that when it comes to the framing and mounting of my images I will just mount them onto board to display them; I feel this would be the best method as a frame would break up the images. I want my images to flow echoing the journey of the continuous river.


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