Site Specific Project- Audio Inclusion

After spending time going out and photographing different locations along the river, I also decided to take influence from the work of Sian MacFarlane, and the poetry work I looked at, to combine sound with my images to give a whole sense of being there and a true experience of my journey and the journey of the River Sherbourne. The idea of combining the use of senses, such a sight and sound, came from looking at MacFarlane’s work that combines sound and imagery to give a full experience and by looking into poetry work to influence me creatively; many poems combine the use of senses to create a greater descriptive piece that the viewer can picture and relate to.

I decided to look at the use of two different types of audio; for the first I recorded the surrounding area as I photographed that given area. I wanted the sound to show what I was hearing as I experienced the river; this would allow the viewer to echo this experience and to be transported there visually and mentally. The viewer would not only be able to experience my journey along the river, but also by having the sound of the surrounding area they would be able to create their own journey along the river too as it would be like they were there.

I find it interesting the different sounds that have been picked up by the microphone, however that was a windy area and there was a school close by and so it would be expected to hear different sounds. In some areas I feel that there would be no sounds other than maybe a small bit of wind.

For my second audio I decided to record my thoughts as I travelled down the river, this would allow my viewers to get a greater sense of my journey and experiences as I discovered the river. By having these thoughts the viewer would get a greater sense of what I was thinking and discovering as I went down the river.

I do not feel this audio is as strong as the other, it is very bias towards my experiences; I want my viewer not only to experience my journey of discovery but to also create their own journey of discovery along the River Sherbourne, and so I feel that by having my thoughts accompanying the imagery, the viewer would not have space to create their own thoughts or opinions of the area.

Both audios are interesting however I feel that neither is strong enough to combine with my images; I like the concept, however due to the nature of my project, the use of my thoughts would be over powering on the viewer and not allow them space to create their own journey along the river. The use of surrounding sound is good in an area that has a lot of noise going on, however in areas where there is little sound, it could be too repetitive and become dull. For these reason I have decided just to stick with my images on their own.


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