Site Specific Project- Feedback

I decided to talk to my tutors about my ongoing project and the work that I have done and future plans for my project.

I showed Matt a lot of my photographs as I know he is interested in natural photography and so he would be helpful in giving me advice about my images; I showed him both my digital colour photographs and my black and white film ones. Matt agreed with me and my decision to use digital photography as it does allow a greater flexibility and also for the vast amount of images I plan to collect it seems to be the appropriate medium. When looking at my photographs, Matt loved the colours of the river and surrounding area and advised that I stuck with colour photography, however he did like the black and white photographs as they showed the structure of nature in great detail. I did like the idea of showing the structure of the natural landscape, however as my project is based on the journey of the river and my own personal journey down the river, I feel that using colour photography is truer to what I am seeing.

When looking through my photographs Matt liked a few images that showed the ‘hidden river’ (as seen below), the images had clues to the river and its presence however the water can not be seen. I could use a combination of the ‘hidden river’ and the river photographs for my final outcome as this shows my idea of personal discovery well; before I was unaware of the river, however now I am discovering it.


When talking to Matt we also discussed my presentation method for my final set of photographs, we came up with the idea of creating a visual representation, using an exhibition space with blank walls; I could map out the river on the walls and then place my images where they would belong on the river at each location. This would create a way to show my journey down the river as well as creating a physical journey for the viewer to take, they would have to ‘walk’ the river and follows its journey creating their own personal journey. Due to time constraints for the assignment deadline this may not be possible, however if I can present my work like this I will, if I cannot I will create a digital interpretation of how it would look. I was advised to look at the work of Todd Hido- ‘Excerpts from silver meadows’, to influence my idea of a visual representation.

I also spoke to Caroline about my project, informing her of my ideas and where I want to be at the end of this term. She suggested that I look at the work of Richard Long who also goes for walks around natural landscapes; he has a creative response into documenting his journey, by creating sculptures on his walks, out of the landscapes and natural items. This is a unique way of showing how Long experienced the landscape, and so I plan to look further into his work.


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