Site Specific Project- The River Sherbourne- Further Research

After doing initial research on the river and looking at photographers’ work that could influence me and my photographs, I have decided to do some further research into the River Sherbourne. When initially researching about the river on the internet, I found that there were very few websites with great amounts of detail on the river. I decided to visit the Herbert Gallery History Archive to see if they had any new information on the river.

From visiting the gallery I was kindly pointed to the work of Colin Walker. Colin Walker is part of the Coventry Society and has a large interest in the river. The society itself is interested in opening up the river again through the city, however no definite plans have been made as yet. Their work can be seen on On the society’s website was a link that took me to the website of Colin Walker, the website goes into great detail about the River Sherbourne and Colin’s personal journey down the river. In Walker’s personal account of the river, he describes the journey of the river in great detail, stating the location of the source and following the river down until it joins up with the River Sowe. Walker even created his own indicative map, plotting the locations of different key points; this was a great representation that I found interesting to look at, even though I can’t use it completely to find different locations of the river. For me personally this website will be invaluable as it will be my guide along the river and offer me information about the river and where to find it.

river map 2

After looking at the work of Colin Walker and his documentation of the River Sherbourne’s journey, I decided to look closely at a range of maps to make sure I knew exactly where the river flowed. I started off by purchasing a Coventry and Warwickshire OS Map, this detailed map allowed me to look exactly where the river was, however due to covering a wide area some of the detail of surrounding area was lost and so I decided to also look at Google Maps and construct my own map using images from the website My own constructed map showed the exact route of the river, except from when it passes under the city centre, I highlighted the river and the source and join with the River Sowe.


From my further research I feel that I now have a greater understanding on the location of the river and the route its journey takes. To continue my research I plan to contact Colin Walker asking him about his personal experiences of the river and also any history or information he has on the river. I can also begin to visit different locations, photographing the journey of the river. After finding out the exact route of the River Sherbourne I decided to check with my tutor that I could expand my project out of my initial location so that I could follow the whole river’s journey; she said this was fine, so now I plan on going out, taking as many photographs as possible documenting the journey.


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