Site Specific Project- Initial Photographs

After doing initial research into my three possible ideas, I then decided to go out and photograph each idea to see which visually was most interesting. After I had collected a range of images and looking at my existing research on the each topic, I can then make an informed decision as to which topic I continue with as my final idea.

When looking at the people of Coventry, in my photographs I wanted to document their daily lives around the city centre. I wanted natural photographs that showed the truth to the people of Coventry. I decided to not approach my subjects as by approaching them the image would immediately change its meaning and look , instead I took the approach of a street photographer, just photographing interesting photographs of the people around me.


DSC_5924142264IMG_2639 DSC_5930144266 DSC_5937145267 DSC_5941146268

I am pleased with the range of photographs I have collected based on the people of Coventry, however I do feel that this topic is not as interesting as the rest, and it’s something I have done before. As a photographer I am interested in street and documentary photography and often take photographs of people around the streets going about their daily lives. To me if I were to continue this idea I feel I would not be pushing myself and that I would be settling for the ‘easy option’, for this reason I do not plan on continuing this topic.

I then started to look at the architecture in Coventry and the idea of textures within the city centre. I captured a range of photographs both close up and from a distance to show the different textures. I like some of the photographs as they are quite interesting however I do feel that after a while this project would become quite boring and there are only so many textures that can be taken, for this reason I have decided not to continue this topic onto my final idea.

DSC_5927 IMG_2633 IMG_2634 IMG_2636 IMG_2649

Finally for my topic on the River Sherbourne I decided to visit the location that I had seen when looking at the site specific maps we had been given for the project; the river runs along side the Alvis Retail Park. In my images I wanted to capture the flow and movement of the river, documenting its journey through the city as well as showing the human presence around the river and the idea of the effect of humans on the natural environment.

DSC_5986273 DSC_5978272 DSC_5955270 DSC_5973271 DSC_5945269

I really like my photographs as I feel they show the idea of the journey of the river well, as well as showing my personal journey of discovery around the river. Taking influence from my photographers research I wanted to document my journey of discovery, like John Gossage documented his walk in The Pond; before this project I was unaware that Coventry had a river running through it and so discovering this river has been very interesting personally. When talking to people about the river, many people, like myself, were unaware that there was a river running under the city centre. For this reason I want to continue this project to not only document my personal discovery but to also allow my viewers their own discovery of a river that they are not likely to have heard of. I do like my other ideas however I feel this is stronger than the other two, there is more that I can look at and also this one excites me, it is something new that I have never done before.


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