Site Specific Project- Ideas

For this term’s assignment we have been set the task of selecting a specific location in Coventry and producing a series of work based on any theme I choose as long as it is based in that chosen location. We have been provided with 15 different map locations in Coventry, so I started off my project by visiting all of the locations to see if they are visually interesting and if I had any ideas, for themes and the project. I narrowed down the locations from 15 to 4; for each of these 4 locations I have a range of possible ideas for my project.

My ideas:

– Location 1: Industrial estate and Lake View

  • Retailer Competition – Nissan Vs. Carlton Cars (‘Established for 25years’)
    • An independent company in comparison to a multi-national, independent people and structures


  • Water/ River – the water is used for the ice skating rink, but also flows all over the UK
    • Follow the rivers ‘journey’ – echo the duel carriageway and the ring road – the movement and flow within a city and nature.
    • Is the river used much? Would time lapse work?
    • Is the river natural or man-made?


  • Nature within a city
    • Unexpected beauty
    • Hidden treasures – find and highlight the natural beauty within Coventry
    • Could use macro

-Location 2: Canal Basin and Naul’s Mill Park

  • Private School Vs. State School
    • The differences
    • Social Divide – Class status and power within a society
  • The pond in the park – doesn’t get filled anymore – changed over time
    • There was ice in the winter so it was unsafe
    • Drunk people kept falling in
    • Children often walk past the pond on the way to school
    • Look at before and after – has it effected the park use?
  • Burnt car on the road when walking – shows the change of a car
    • You can see the shell and structure of the car
    • Not normal appearance
    • However this will not be there long term – is it worth basing my whole project on this if it won’t be there soon? – because it is not a long term thing, echoes the flow of people throughout the city always moving – the busy city.


  • Abandoned pub- ‘Gas Club Coventry/ Social Club’
    • Look at the old photographs and compare to now.
    • Looking at the effect of fire and how it can destroy a strong structure such as a building.
    • Could look at the old rooms and see what they used to hold.


-Location 3: Cathedral and Main Campus

  • Bus stop- people waiting
    • All in their own world with their own thoughts and stories
    • The wide range of people within Coventry
    • ‘The people of the city’
  • City abandonment
    • The change in the economy and the effect this has had on the city
    • Effects students have on the city and the lifestyle within the city
    • Study old maps and compare to new ones – see the changes within the city
    • Find out what used to be in these abandoned spaces
    • Future plans for the city – can you see these changes starting to happen?


  • Architecture – play on words ‘texture’
    • Diversity of textures in the city
    • Different materials used on buildings – new and old – comparison
    • Macro lens – see the detail that isn’t always noticed
  • Flow of the city
    • The flow of people – show the busy lifestyle of city life
    • The wide range of people within the city centre
    • Time lapse to capture the flow of people, combined with stills
    • Viewing the city from the inside out – sitting in a coffee shop and observing the people of the city
  • Weather
    • Does different weather change the appearance of the city and how its perceived
    • How people act in different weathers around the city centre
    • Seasonal and not dependable- is this suitable for a shorter project?

Location 4: Kasbah

  • Day to night, night to day
    • How a place changes from day to night
    • Look at the nightlife and kebab shops – the time of day effects business
    • Quiet to thriving


  • City over time
    • Rising dawn
    • Capture the city at different times of the day

Even though I have come up with a range of idea for the different locations, I have to be realistic about which are viable and not; I would love to investigate the burnt down pub and look at the effects the fire has had on the building and belongings inside, however realistically this isn’t a safe project and as the property is private I would need to get permission before I could do any work. Similarly by looking at the weather in the city, as this can not be predicted, it would be very hard to rely on the different weathers especially as this is a short project.

One of the ideas that interested me most is the river, I think it could be very interesting to research into the river as I didn’t know Coventry had a river so I would be constantly learning through my project; one idea was to follow the rivers ‘journey’, this would echo my own personal journey of learning about the river. Another idea that interests me is looking at the people and the flow of people in Coventry, capturing the range of people, possibly focusing on one particular location such as a land mark or a bus stop. This idea of capturing the people of Coventry in a natural and normal way interests me as it links to my previous work and research I have done into documentary and street photography. Finally the other idea I am interested in is looking at the materials and textures of buildings in Coventry city centre, this is something a bit different to what I have done before, using close up photography would teach me a new technique and photographic practise.

Now that I have narrowed down my ideas into three main ones, I can begin researching the different areas I am looking into and I can begin going out and taking photographs.



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