2 Portraits- Reflection

Looking back at my work on portraiture, I am very happy with my outcome and how I overcame any problems that occurred. I feel that this work on ‘2 Portraits’ is a lot stronger than my work I did previously during the first year, I have considered the idea of portraiture in a more unusual and creative way, trying to think outside the box. I wanted to look into the wide theme of identity and what it represents to people, choosing to use fingerprints as my form of identification. Fingerprints are a form of biological identification, they are part of our DNA, for this reason I chose them as my subject and main focus for my portraits. I wanted to show the viewer a true representation of a person, using fingerprints that cannot be changed easily; I felt they were a ‘truthful’ portrait. I am not saying that portraits of faces or full bodies are bad portraits, I just believe that they cannot always be seen as ‘true’ as many people can change their appearance either with make-up, changes of clothes or even cosmetic surgery.

As this task was to take a photograph of both a stranger and someone I knew, my approach was key. I found getting a fingerprint off someone knew was very easy, they trusted me and were willing to help out. Whereas when it came to getting a fingerprint off a stranger, people were less willing. I had to consider my approach and how I went about asking for a fingerprint. I learnt that by sitting down and spending time with a person explaining about my work and the project they were more likely to help me; the people felt more involved in my project and saw it as a creative project rather than someone asking for some personal information. From this project I have learnt a lot more about my approach when it comes to either photographing people or just getting information from them; it is always better to get to know the person and spend time with them, explaining about my project and working together to achieve a creative outcome.



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