2 Portraits- The Final Images

After spending time researching and testing different ideas for photographing two subjects’ fingerprints, I decided to use the ink printing method to show the viewer the lines and textures of each fingerprint, highlighting how they are different and all unique. Printing onto white paper with black ink would make sure that both prints are strong and clear, meaning that all the detail can be seen so they are true representations of the fingerprints. Using a macro lens will capture the two prints in good detail, highlighting the shape of each fingerprint, and showing the viewer detail that they wouldn’t see in a normal portrait photograph.

I spent time with both subjects making sure that I got strong prints from each person. I centred my photographs so that the fingerprint was in the middle and main focus, taking influence from Steve Pyke and Paul Smith; this enabled the viewer to have a clear view of the print, showing all the detail and how each is unique. I want my photographs to represent each person’s biological identity and how it is unique to each person, this is why I chose to photograph fingerprints for my portraits. Instead of doing traditional photographs, I looked at fingerprints as they are biological and cannot be changed easily, whereas looks can; fingerprints are a true form of identification and so are often used for classification of people.

Here are my two final photographs:

DSC_02391  DSC_49871

I am really pleased with the outcome, both photographs clearly show the shape and textures of the fingerprints, and back up the idea that they are all unique and individual to each person. Placing these two photographs next to each other allows the viewer to spend time studying the fingerprints, looking at the textures and shape, showing how each print is unique and individual  to each person. Furthermore, by having them next to each other would allow greater comparison between the two showing the differences and each person’s individual biological identity. When looking back at the two fingerprints, it’s impossible for me to tell which print belong to which person. It doesn’t matter if I know a person or not, they look similar, showing the idea that deep down biologically we are virtually all the same, but have some unique features that makes us individual with our own identities.


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