2 Portraits- My Approach

When set the task to take a portrait of someone I knew and someone I didn’t I considered the different ways I could approach this; for someone I knew, I knew it would be a lot easier to take a photograph of them as they would be willing to help out with my work and I could easily tell them what to do. Whereas when it came to taking a photograph of a stranger I knew it would be a lot harder.

I managed to get a portrait of someone I knew easily, just by asking, my mum was more than willing to help out, as she knew it was for my uni work and so was pleased to help. However when it came to approaching a stranger about taking their fingerprint for my images, the people I spoke to originally were not willing to give away their fingerprint to a stranger, as because fingerprints are used as a form of identification, they didn’t know how I was going to use it and whether I would use it improperly such as for forgery.


After my first attempt of trying to get a strangers fingerprint and failing, I decided to reconsider my approach and my explanation of why I needed it. I decided to spend more time with a person, first explaining about my project and university work, telling them about how I was a photographer and that their fingerprint would only be used for a creative purpose. I assured the people that I wouldn’t use their fingerprint in an improper way and that it would only be used in my work. Some people were still not willing to give me their fingerprint and so I just thanked them for their time; eventually one lady, was willing to give me her fingerprint, she understood my creative ideas and what I was trying to communicate with my photography, and as long as I didn’t use her fingerprint in an improper way, she was willing to help me.

I spent time with both subjects making sure I got the best fingerprint possible, showing good detail and shapes, I would then take my final photographs of each print, centring them to show they are the main focus, making it clear to see the differences between two fingerprints, representing how fingerprints are all unique.


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