An Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular Activity- Final Outcome

After spending time creating a range of artefacts linking to my idea based around the sport of skiing, I wanted to capture this sport in a different way and show the movement and lines created by skiers on the mountain. I wanted a more artistic approach, instead of looking at normal sports photography. I decided to focus on my blurred motion photographs, of skiers, for my final outcome. I revisited all of my original photographs to see if I had anymore really blurred ones that I could create a series out of. I wanted to use the really blurred ones as they show the movement and speed of the sport, furthermore by having the photographs so blurred, it becomes more of an abstract piece of art rather than a photograph.








I decided to use de-saturation on my photographs, this combined with the motion from the skiers and the blur created, has rendered time imperceptible; the clothing and equipment are lost in the motion blur, making them ageless, the focus is on the motion and the sport. 

I had the idea that for my final outcome I could print my images large, about A3, I would print them low quality on a normal printer, this would make my photographs less clear, and further emphasise the artistic blurred feel to my photographs, showing the movement and flow of the skiers. I tried printing them, however the quality was still alright, and wasn’t as bad as I thought; I then came up with the idea of screen printing my photographs, this would make the more artistic and flowing. However due to time constraints and access I was unable to print them like this, and so I had to think of a different presentation method.


For the final outcome I decided to combine all 6 images to make one panoramic shot, showing a range of skiers and their movement; I feel this is echoing the idea of the continuous flow of people skiing down that mountain, a swell as showing the artistic flow of the skiers.


For all of my work based on this activity, I have taken influence from the work of Jonathan Shaw; one collection of his that stood out for me was the photographs he did for the Birmingham Royal Ballet; this project was about creating linear images. Shaw looked at the movement of the dancers; the use of long exposure times meant that the photographs were more expressive, showing the flow and movement, echoing the idea of the movement in the dance. In my photographs I wanted this more expressive approach, and I feel I have gained this in my work, the figures are blurred, creating an abstract photograph. Shaw’s work was printed large, around 30m, this span covered walls, creating bold and flowing pieces; for my own work, if I were to exhibit it, I would create prints that covered the wall, this would create a bold and abstract piece of art. By having my print covering the wall it would transport the viewer into the skiing world, they will be ‘in’ and feel the movement and flow of the sport. Overall I am really pleased with this outcome, I feel it shows my idea of capturing this sport in a different way and shows the movement and lines created by skiers on the mountain, in an artistic and flowing way.



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