What I Have Taken From This Module

One of the main things I have taken from this module is pre-visualisation, to think about my shot and how I would go about creating that photograph before I even pick up a camera. Working with different alternative processes and in the studio has made me appreciate and think more about my photographs before I take them. I now consider my ideas more and spend time planning the types of photographs I want, instead of just going out and hoping I would get something that fits to the brief. I consider each photograph and do not just simply snap away in hope that one shot would be good.

By using alternative processes, it has made me appreciate more my photographs and what I am taking, as you never know if it would turn out like you expected. I spend more time considering all aspects of the photograph now, trying to make sure that every detail is right before creating the final outcome and I want it to be perfect first time.

Learning about lighting in the studio and on location has definitely made me consider my practise and how I use lighting in my own photographs. I am more aware of the different types of lighting and understand how to get the outcomes I want either using the studio or improvising with the lighting I have by using reflectors. I now think more about the lighting in my photographs and the moods and effects that are created by this lighting; I can completely change the mood of a photograph by changing the lighting setup, and this is something I wish to explore further in my ongoing work.

Overall I feel this module has helped greatly to develop my own personal practise, helping me with my understanding on lighting, alternative processes and pre-visualisation.



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