My Understanding of Light

Over this past module I have been looking at light in a range of ways; before this module I had never really done loads of research or work on and with light, especially not in a lot of detail like I have done now. I have spent time in the studio and out on location learning about different lighting equipment and how to use it effectively to gain the results you want. Learning this was highly interesting to me, I have learnt a great deal about useful techniques and skills that can be used in the studio to gain the results you want. I now know how to set up lighting for different effects that I want, and how to improvise with reflectors and other sources of lighting when I cannot use the studio.

I have greater understanding of the effect lighting can have on the mood of  photographs; I can appreciate the set up of lighting and why it is set up that way, and the effect it has on the subject and viewers reading of an image. I can also see how different lighting can be used for different purposes, there are more commercial forms of lighting to show subjects clearly, and then there are more artist types of lighting that are used to create moods and more abstract photographs.

I am also much more aware of how to set up lighting for photographs and where lighting in photographs is coming from; I find it much easier to look at a photograph and describe the type of lighting used and how it is set up now due to spending time recreating lighting set ups. I know the difference between direct lighting and softer lighting and can easily see the effects these two lightings have on a photograph and subject.

This module has taught me about lighting, which has made me look back over some of my old work and realise how I could have improved it if I had had a better understanding of lighting. I feel that now I would confidently be able to re-create the lighting for most images, taking into account all aspects such as positioning of the lighting and subject, the reflections off the subject and the different types of lighting and how to create the right mood and feel to my photograph.




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