Representation though Portraiture- Philip-Lorca diCorcia

I have previously looked at Philip-Lorca diCorcia for one of my other modules, however I was focusing on how he often took photographs of lone figures. For this module I am taking influence from his lighting in his photographs, and the effect that has on the composition and mood of the photographs. 

Two photographs that stood out to me can be seen below, they show unusual and beautiful lighting. In my project I am planning to take two photographs at night time while my subject is asleep, to do this I will need some form of lighting however I do not want to use the bright light of studio lighting.


The lighting in this photograph stood out to me as the subject in the shop is lit by the sunlight from outside; the sunlight is streaming through the window and as it hits the blinds shadows are cast over the subject, creating uneven yet interesting lighting. The lighting helps to highlight the subject showing that they are the main focus. I like the fact that the blind breaks up the sunlight creating texture and interest to the photograph, it makes the photograph look realistic and not staged, with the use of natural lighting. In my own photographs I could use lighting that is coming through the window to light my subject, highlighting them as my main focus, even though the photographs will be at night there are often street lights which shine through windows and light rooms. When I am doing my shoot I could try to use the lighting from outside instead of in the room to make it as natural as possible.


This photograph stood out to me as the subjects are lit by the lamps in the room, the wardrobe lighting and the lamp in the other room. The lighting is very soft and subtle, however it still clearly shows the two subjects. In my own photography for my project, I could use subtle lighting such as lamps to light my subject in a soft way, highlighting them but still not waking them up. The set up would look natural and believable unlike with bright lighting where the viewer would question if the subject is faking being asleep.

Both photographs have given me ideas of how to light my own photographs and to make them look natural and believable. The lighting is also beautiful and visually pleasing and so would be enjoyable to view, I want to achieve this in my own photographs; furthermore the mood in both photographs is calm and relaxed with the soft lighting making the photographs subtle with beautiful tones and colours. In my photographs I want a calm mood as this will echo the time of night and state my subject is in, as when you are sleeping you are usually relaxed and calm.


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