Human Presence- Pinhole Photography Test

One of my ideas for human presence that I came up with was using light trails to represent movement, and the idea that these trails show where people have been, showing the paths of people. I felt that each path would represent a person’s own personal journey. To capture these movements using an alternative process I decided to use Pinhole photographs, using longer exposures, to capture the light trails from cars, showing the movement and flow of the human life style.

I feel this is a creative way to use pinhole photography, taking influence from the work of Justin Quinnell and his 6 month exposures to capture solar graphs. Due to my time constraint I was not able to create exposures over six months; however I still wanted to look at the idea of movement by using log exposures, like Henri Cartier-Bresson did in his photograph, Hyères, France 1932, that I saw at his exhibition when visiting Paris.

When researching about Solar Graphs and long exposures for pinhole photography, I found that for night time pinhole photography usually a few hours exposures are used to capture enough detail. I decided to try this time frame with my own photographs and here are the outcomes:



Two out of the three didn’t work so well, but this one above, which I have inverted to show the light trails clearly, has worked quite well.  I love the flowing nature of the lines which contrast to the dark background. I feel this is a very abstract and unique photograph which shows my idea of the human path and journey in a different way. Even though I like these outcomes and the idea is interesting, I think I have greater opportunity to develop and produce good outcomes for the idea of empty spaces, and looking at locations without people, showing the buildings and structures and their human presence. These spaces show personality and are people’s own designs and layout, representing their lifestyle and human presence. One idea I had was to look at the idea of shops and shop windows of small independent shops; these shops represent people’s lives and livelihood and show their human presence through the layout and personality of the shop. I will do some further research into this idea, and then go out and begin taking photographs.


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