Un-represented Group

For part of my module, 154MC, we have to produce a piece based on the idea of an unexplored group within society. I have taken influence from Steve Brookes and his talk for my unexplored group; Steve Brookes himself is disabled and so when he spoke to us, he was talking about a personal issue with good knowledge and passion.

He posed the idea that we are all disabled somehow, there are things that limit us,some are more major than others but no one is perfect. I had never considered this view before but I completely agree with him, we all are disabled in some way so why is it right for some people to be labelled as disabled and others not. People should all be treated equally, whether they have a physical disability or a mental one that cannot be seen.

The talk made me consider how in my own photography I portray people, and whether this is fair to them or their feelings. The use of camera angles can be important, as in media to do with disability, people often use a downward angle and look down on the person, making them seem like the victim. Many people would not want to be portrayed as a victim as their disability is part of their life but it doesn’t define the person they are.

I have decided to look at disability in education. I wanted to look at how disability doesn’t always mean you can’t be included or you are held back in education; disabled people can be part of a class and be just as good as all the other students. I took two photographs of a class that included a disabled person; I wanted to include them in the photograph and group, by having them in amongst the other students, showing they can be part of education and the group. I also decided to make my photographs black and white, I decided this as I didn’t want colour distracting from the photographs, and I wanted to make everyone equal, not worrying about colour of skin or disability. I took the photographs on quite a level angle to the students, so that the camera could be amongst the students and part of them, signalising the inclusion of everyone. Furthermore I didn’t want an angle that looked down on the students as I didn’t want them to be belittled and like a victim.




I was pleased with this photograph, however I felt there was too much of the wall. I decided to take my final photograph straight ahead, making the camera more included in the class, representing the inclusion on everyone in education, including disability.



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