Summer Task Critical Reflections

After completing my summer task before arriving at university, I have had feedback on the work, especially my photo diaries. For my first photo diary I was trying to communicate my idea of showing the loss of someone and separation; I wanted to show the viewer about how my boyfriend went to Australia for seven months, and how I was left at home, creating two sets of photographs one with him and one without him. For when he was not here, I decided to have the set of photographs in black and white, as colour can often be seen as happy and full of life, whereas black and white is more subdued therefore echoing my mood. For the second set I wanted to show a day with him after he returned home, the colour shows my excitement and happiness. I created quite a few photographs showing a day of my life in two sets of photographs; when having feedback I found that my photographs without Harry’s presence in the images, were much stronger, and I agree. I feel they are showing the message and idea in a more subtle way, taking away the individual makes it more relatable to anyone, and viewers could relate to my idea of losing someone and the separation created by this. If I were to revisit this project, I would edit down my photographs, taking out the ones with people in, and focus on showing my idea in a more subtle way, using photographs like the ones below.




For my second photo diary, I looked at a day with my grandparents, looking at what reminds me of them, and how they leave evidence of their presence all over their house. I took photographs both with them in shot and ones of their objects; like my previous photo diary, I found from feedback that my images without human presence in were much stronger, photographs showing evidence of my grandparents’ presence without even having to show them in the photographs. I went back and edited my photographs down, concentrating on a more subtle approach of showing their presence. I feel in photography that you do not have to show human presence by having humans actually in the photographs, and moving forward in my work, I will keep this concept in mind. I have learnt a lot from this task, and from reading the book The Photograph as Contemporary Art; in my work I will now look at many different approaches, showing an idea in less obvious way, I will continue to ‘think outside the box’ with my work, trying to create interesting and individual pieces of work throughout my university modules.


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