Photo Diary 2

A Day with my Grandparents…

After creating my first photo diary, I decided that some of the images weren’t as strong as I had hoped, so I decided to create another photo diary based on being with my grandparents for a day and what reminds me of them, and how they leave evidence of their presence all over their house. I also looked at my fear of losing one of them. Initially I looked at a range of things and included them as people in my photographs to let their personality come across, however after having a feedback session with Matt, my tutor, I found that I got greater response and feedback to my photographs that didn’t include people, but ones that were of objects or clothing that was evidence of my grandparents presence without even having to show them in the photographs. I went back to my original photographs again and found I had more like these so I included them in my final set.

Initial Set:





  DSC_6790  DSC_6798

DSC_6799    DSC_6875

Final Revised Set:  








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